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Fight Back

Most homeowners are unaware of their rights when facing foreclosure or eviction following foreclosure. The banks make efforts to keep it that way. Learn your rights to have a chance of successfully fighting back!

Rescind Your Foreclosure

Your lender, mortgage servicer and/or the foreclosing attorneys can make procedural errors or may completely lack valid title to your home. This results in an unlawful/invalid foreclosure. Find out if that’s the case!

Learn Of The Avenues Of Relief

We have dealt with every scenario in the foreclosure realm. That guarantees we can provide avenues of relief at any step in the process. Let’s minimize the damage. It is never too late!  We have argued before the highest court in Massachusetts and have the experience necessary for you to find relief from an awful situation.

More than 95% of homeowners facing default/foreclosure walk away from their homes without even trying to understand their rights and the available avenues of relief.

Utilize your legal rights – challenge the fraudulent practices of some of the big banking institutions. We fight by your side to save your home and/or pursue the many options that present themselves with a strong legal challenge.

Postponing Foreclosure Auctions

We have developed several strategies to postpone and/or cancel the auction date of our Client’s pending foreclosure, although the specific strategy for each case may be different. The avenues can be as easy as a phone or email communication with the foreclosing bank/servicer’s legal counsel. We have longstanding working relationships with all the firms who practice in this area and typically deal with the same attorneys on all related matters in the foreclosure field.

The avenue could also entail legal action via an injunction/temporary restraining order through the court system to postpone the auction date. It is important to understand that Massachusetts is a non-judicial foreclosure state, meaning your lender can foreclose without obtaining authorization from a court because your lender can simply exercise its rights to foreclose directly through your mortgage contract if you have defaulted on the specific mortgage terms. This is important because you do not lose your rights to challenge the foreclosure, the bank’s title, or your right to lawfully continue to possess your property even after a foreclosure has occurred.

It is a huge misconception that the banks have utilized to force unwary homeowners out of their homes. You maintain the LEGAL RIGHT to POSSESSION of your home EVEN AFTER foreclosure and do not have to vacate your home until you have your day in Court and a judgment is obtained against you. This is a reason that postponement is not always that crucial as you can still assert your rights after a foreclosure has occurred. McArdle Law will provide you with an in-depth analysis of this situation and what avenues are available in your particular case, whether pre or post-foreclosure.

Challenging Bank Foreclosures & Rescinding Unlawful Foreclosures

50% of our Firm’s practice is challenging the legality of foreclosures and attempting to unwind wrongful foreclosures. We have a team of dedicated attorneys that have battled and continue to battle toe to toe with the big banks and their attorneys in efforts to even the playing field in an area of the law that has previously been dominated by big banking interests and influence.

We have been consistently successful in providing relief for our clients and have developed several avenues to obtain such relief. Although there are many homeowners facing similar difficulties surrounding the foreclosure process, no two cases are the same and each strategy is developed according to the particular needs of each client.

Come in for a free half hour consultation and you will leave feeling reassured and knowing exactly what your legal rights are and how those rights can be properly pursued to your benefit. We will not sell you a dream of obtaining a free home, although that level of relief is attainable in rare circumstance and will be brutally honest with the strengths and/or shortcomings of your particular case as we see them.


Please, be aware that there are many foreclosure rescue scams and even attorneys who claim to be specialists in this area of the law. Do your research and consult multiple firms before deciding to get assistance, especially if significant upfront fees are requested.

We get clients that have lost thousands and even tens of thousands of dollars in pursuit of competent assistance in this area of the law. You will also likely get legal advice consistently directing you towards bankruptcy.

Contact us for a free consultation prior to filing for bankruptcy as, at times, it can benefit your particular situation, but many times it does not, and can actually provide an obstacle that is difficult to overcome in future legal pursuits regarding your home

This Is What We Excel At

  • Postponing Foreclosure Auctions
  • Restraining Orders & Injunctions To Stay Foreclosure Auctions
  • Challenging Bank Foreclosures & Rescinding Unlawful Foreclosures
  • Post-Foreclosure Summary Process Evictions
  • Violations Of The Truth In Lending Act, Massachusetts Consumer Credit Cost Disclosure Act, Real Estate Settlement & Procedures Act, And Chapter 93A
  • Settlement & Negotiations
  • Appeals

Future Planning

McArdle Law & Associates offers a wide range of future planning options to meet the needs of an ever-changing world.  We can provide your family with a variety of solutions for your future needs including wills, trusts, trust administration, powers of attorney, health care proxies, health care information privacy releases, advance health care directives, and gift and estate tax planning.  We strive to meet each family’s individual needs in crafting future planning solutions.  Our education and experience will help provide you with peace of mind for when then inevitable or the unexpected happen.  Don’t be unprepared and leave your family with problems that can be easily avoided by some preparation now.  Let us craft a solution for your future needs that ensures that your family is taken care of after your death or incapacitation.


After a loved one dies it is a time for mourning and celebration of their lives, not a time to do tedious paperwork and deal with government bureaucrats.  Just dealing with the sadness of losing a loved one can be overwhelming.  Let our firm deal with the probate process and help make their passing easier on you.  We will file all the necessary paperwork to complete the probate process and help you deal with your loved one’s post death matters.  We can make the necessary court appearances, close out your loved one’s financial matters, and ensure that their post death wishes are granted.  We make it our mission to ease your suffering and ensure an orderly closing of affairs after the death of a loved one.

Real Estate Closings

Are you planning to close your home and need legal assistance? Our experience in real estate law gives us the credibility to assist in your home’s closing whether you are the purchaser or the lender.

Your home is one of the most important assets you own and handling the purchase or selling of your home should be handled with attention to detail. When you are in the process of buying or selling property, getting the help of an attorney can help you to avoid many legal issues that can arise with your closing. In a real estate transaction, closing is the final exchange between seller and buyer.  Once an offer has been accepted by the seller there is a final agreement and a set closing date.  On the closing date the property is transferred from seller to buyer, and the buyer is then free to move in.  We can help you by checking the title records, reviewing proposed contracts, preparing your title report and helping to coordinate the closing.  This process usually takes a little over a month. If a buyer has already been pre-approved for a mortgage loan the process of paperwork takes a little less time. If the buyer is not pre-approved, it generally takes longer.  There are other common issues which can further delay the process, but we have the experience to handle those issues quickly.

Civil Litigation

Disputes and disagreements are a part of life.  At McArdle Law & Associates, PLLC, resolving disputes on our clients’ behalf is one of our core strengths.

McArdle Law & Associates, PLLC, has a significant track record of handling civil litigation matters for clients in state, federal and appellate courts.  We strive to resolve our clients’ legal conflicts quickly and efficiently with a high level of personal attention.  We are direct with our clients, giving them a sense of what their available options are and what each approach to solving their problem will entail.  We are always available to our clients, keeping them informed throughout the duration of their case.

Trials can drain financial resources and are time-consuming.  Therefore, we assist clients in exploring ways to solve legal disputes without resorting to trial.  If trial becomes necessary, our attorneys have the trial experience and necessary skills to successfully advocate a favorable outcome for our clients.

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