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Most homeowners are unaware of their rights when facing foreclosure or eviction following foreclosure. The banks make efforts to keep it that way. Learn your rights to have a chance of successfully fighting back!

Rescind Your Foreclosure

Your lender, mortgage servicer and/or the foreclosing attorneys can make procedural errors or may completely lack valid title to your home. This results in an unlawful/invalid foreclosure. Find out if that’s the case!

Learn Of The Avenues Of Relief

We have dealt with every scenario in the foreclosure realm. That guarantees we can provide avenues of relief at any step in the process. Let’s minimize the damage. It is never too late!

You Have The Right!

More than 95% of homeowners facing default/foreclosure walk away from their homes without even trying to understand their rights and the available avenues of relief.

Utilize your legal rights – challenge the fraudulent practices of some of the big banking institutions. We fight by your side to save your home and/or pursue the many options that present themselves with a strong legal challenge.

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We Balance The Inequalities Of The System

Large banks and their mortgage servicers are using their power and influence to get away with wrongful foreclosure and sometimes even fraudulent or deceptive practices. This causes both emotional and financial pain to the unwary homeowners, and our communities. Even though they are substantially accountable for the collapse of our economy, and the destruction of families across the country – these banking entities continue to make foreclosure a priority. They’re taking family homes and causing irreparable harm, instead of developing alternatives to help families, maintain property values, and build communities. Like they were intended to do.

This area of law is extremely complicated and convoluted. The foreclosing entities are utilizing this fact to frustrate homeowners and trample on their legal rights. These banks have competent and well compensated attorneys moving the cases through the legal system. On the other hand, homeowners are legally unrepresented, and appear in Court overwhelmed and uninformed. We strive to balance the inequalities – because you deserve the same level of legal aid as the banks receive.

We Fight Hard

We understand the struggles distressed homeowners are facing in these trying situations.
That’s why we make substantial efforts to provide legal fee structures – affordable and tailored for clients in these circumstances.

McArdle Law has an established real estate background, which tracks back to 1981. There are few firms in Massachusetts that actually have the experience and a track record in defending clients when it comes to foreclosure law an litigation. We have the required knowledge, capabilities, and resources to fight the powerful banking institutions. Our approach allows us to constantly challenge and litigate against the major players in the banking industry. We are relentless researchers as is necessary in this ever-developing and changing area of the law. We are fearless, and are equipped to take each and every case to the highest platform in order to provide maximum relief to our clients.

Let’s Be Honest

Clients facing foreclosure or eviction are often intimidated and confused. With this in mind, we make our legal process as open and straightforward as possible. With an honest evaluation of your particular matter, including:

  • Evaluating the mortgage loan history and identifying any procedural defects and record title defects
  • Crafting a tailor-made plan to fight the validity of the bank’s interest in your loan and/or leveraging the bank to provide you an opportunity to avoid foreclosure and stay in your home
  • Outline the various possible avenues of relief for your specific situation is important as each case is different
  • Deciding whether a pre-foreclosure or post-foreclosure challenge is a more beneficial avenue of relief in your situation

This Is What We Excel At

  • Postponing Foreclosure Auctions
  • Restraining Orders & Injunctions To Stay Foreclosure Auctions
  • Challenging Bank Foreclosures & Rescinding Unlawful Foreclosures
  • Post-Foreclosure Summary Process Evictions
  • Violations Of The Truth In Lending Act, Massachusetts Consumer Credit Cost Disclosure Act, Real Estate Settlement & Procedures Act, And Chapter 93A
  • Settlement & Negotiations
  • Appeals

Avoid Or Prolong Foreclosure In Lawrence, Massachusetts

McArdle Law Has A Proven Track Record Of Success.